Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

And just like that….I’m a couple weeks into the third tri. Um, when did that happen? Seriously. I looked in the mirror the other night and was like, did I grow a basketball overnight? I think yes!

Right: 31 weeks with Jimp / Left: 29 weeks with baby2

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby’s size: A cabbage!

Baby’s progress: All is good!

Weight gain: Not sure–Maybe 15 pounds?

Stretch marks: Not yet

Sleep: Sleep is good, but we still get up around 5:00. I have taken two two+ hour naps with the toddler this week though, as I do feel tired a lot.

Gender: Still unknown

Movement: Yes! Lots!

Best moment this week: It’s been a pretty low-key week, but I’m loving the moments in the evenings when the three of us are home and relaxing together.

Looking forward to: freelancing a floral design job next week with my sister-in-law!🙂 I’m anticipating a crazy weekend, but a great learning experience.

Food cravings: Pizza…salty snacks like pretzels and popcorn…and sweet things like grapes, apples and chocolate.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Hmm….I started drinking my red raspberry leaf tea to prep for labor, but I wouldn’t say that’s so weird?

Anything make you queasy or sick: No

Labor signs: No!! Just good ol’ Braxton Hicks.

What I miss: Sleeping in…

Symptoms: tiredness/thirst. I’ve been drinking lots of water and thus going to the bathroom lots. The back discomfort that I was starting to feel is pretty much gone. I now go to the chiro weekly for adjustments so that definitely is doing its job.

Things that suck: It doesn’t suck too much, but I am getting to the antsy stage. Every picture of a newborn/tiny baby makes me really wish I have already been through the labor stage and that I was at home on maternity leave. I’m also wanting to NEST and purge/clean/organize EVERYTHING…so feeling a little restless, I guess.

Things that don’t suck: No gestational diabetes! I’m trying to nest a little bit everyday by organizing/purging a little at a time, such as washing and organizing tiny baby clothes (for a boy and girl! Something I didn’t do before…everything we used with Jimp was gender neutral). And slowly acquire extra necessities for post-partum so we won’t have to make big purchases of everything we need all at one time. Also, Patrick got a lot of painting done upstairs over the last month so I will have to share updates about that. I’m also trying to organize/clear out certain problem areas like closets and cabinets…We joke that I, for whatever reason, did not feel the need to nest with Jimp so I am trying to take advantage of it while I actually want to!

7QT Life Lately

Linking up at with 7 Quick Takes on this beautiful FRIDAY!

1) I’ve been back to a regular work schedule for a couple weeks now as RE classes have started up on Sunday and Wednesday nights and our First Penance prep sessions are about to begin. I miss my leisurely Sundays, but it has been a great start to the year! It’s a different story though working more hours as my body seems to want to slow down as I get into the third trimester. Still no back pain/swelling, but my feet are achin’ by the end of a night of classes. Any shoe recommendations for achy preggo feet? So far Toms seem to be my best option…

2) I really enjoyed reading this post about how one family chooses not to meal plan from, for simiplicity’s sake. I do meal plan, but it’s not a super regular thing. I think I tend to buy similar ingredients from week to week and we will repeat a lot of the same meals since we know we like them and they’re easy for us. I have so many unique and delicious-sounding recipes pinned…but I never tend to keep a wide variety of ingredients on hand to try them. And I totally resonated with the point the author made about buying a whole bunch of leeks to end up only using up a little for a recipe and then letting the rest waste in the fridge. This family tends to keep their meals simple with a veggie (from their CSA box)+protein and sometimes a starch. It also made me want to sign up again for our CSA or at least hit up the farmer markets for healthy, seasonal produce!

3) Speaking of (non) meal planning, I tried out Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up this week and was impressed by the ease of it! I’m not normally a Wal-Mart shopper, but since I didn’t have to go into the store, I decided to try it out. I don’t think I’ll do it super often, but maybe during weeks when we’re especially busy and after baby2 is born. Our location had a good variety of organic and healthy options and I spent close to what I normally spend for groceries. I also got $10 off for my first order so I definitely think it’s a win and worth a try if you have a location nearby that does it.

4) The temperature has been in the 70s-80s the past couple of days so in Houston that means that we’re all about flannel, scarves, and boots (we take what we can get!).🙂


When it actually feels like fall, you go to the park in your pajamas!

5) I can’t stop listening to Young House Love’s Podcast when I’m at home! Each episode is only about 30 min long so I can normally get thru a couple per day. Loving it and totally inspiring me to get a few nesting projects done in the next 10 weeks.

6) At work, I’ve been listening to the French Cooking Pandora station. Lots of sweet and relaxing songs on there…think Midnight in Paris. Jimpy can’t stop requesting a Raffi playlist on Youtube. If you have a toddler…I’m warning you!😉

7) Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year…Feast Day of St Therese! I’ll be working in the morning, but hope to make a special treat to celebrate. I’ve done novenas for this feast day since college and Patrick and I have done it together for at least 3 years. I love all the special feasts this week…Guardian Angels and Archangels too…do you do anything special to celebrate?


Any plans for the weekend? I hope it’s blessed!

What We’re Eating Now…

Happy Tuesday! Being pregnant (and before that nursing a toddler), I feel like food is always on my mind. I’m trying to get better at planning meals that are simple and don’t require too many crazy ingredients so we aren’t tempted to go out to eat in the evenings and to keep things pretty healthy. Eating enough protein and veggies are some of my main priorities with pregnancy. About a year ago, I shared some of our favorite meals. We have kind of evolved over time with certain things, but still keep things pretty simple.


Pioneer Woman – Mexican Rice

We went through a long phase where our dinners were mostly grain-free, but we have incorporated rice, corn tortillas, and brown rice/quinoa pasta (so still mostly gluten-free) into our regular meals and it’s working well for us. Here are a few of our regular favorites. Most meals follow the same sort of template: veggies, starch, and a protein. We don’t use recipes often (although the Mexican rice recipe below is what we use for ours), but I’m adding some for ideas!

  • Meatballs with oven baked fries and broccoli/brussels (or with red sauce and pasta)
  • Ground beef/turkey or pulled chicken tacos (or taco salad) with corn tortillas, spinach, tomatoes, and Mexican rice
  • Roasted whole chicken with roasted vegetables and potatoes
  • Beef sliders (bun-less) over greens with veggies, fries, and fixings
  • Texas Chili (no beans, beef or turkey), over rice and with a veggie on the side
  • Frittata (with meat or meatless for Fridays) with lots of veggies and cheese, potatoes
  • Baked wild fish (salmon or mahi) with veggies and rice
  • Zucchini lasagna (basically just lasagna that uses zucchini for noodles)

entertainingWith_AdamAndEleanor_7 (1)

Camille Styles – Frittata

All of these meals are super simple, toddler-friendly, and can be made in pretty much an hour or less. What are you family favorites or staple meals? And do you meal plan or just wing it? I made a list of these and put it on the fridge which makes it easy when I shop and prepare for the week ahead. Have a great week!

7 Favorite things!

Hi there! I’m hoping to keep the blogging going so I am joining 7 Quick Takes today to share seven things (in no particular order) I’m liking these days.

one. Lunch right now. I started craving macaroni and cheese today during our parish mom’s group and immediately thought of this pin. I had almost all the ingredients and only improvised a little (basically halved the recipe and used lots of Kerrygold and a splash of unsweetened almond milk, instead of cream). Turned out pretty good. I guess adding a half a pack of butter would do that!😉 I also used the rice and quinoa pasta from Aldi and added peas and a little canned tuna for protein.


via the modern proper

two. I’m really enjoying reading The Second Greatest Story Every Told by Father Michael Gaitley for our parish mom’s group book study. We just started but I’m hooked and learning a lot already. It’s quick and simple, but still seems to be very rich spiritually and theologically.

three. Gilligan O’Malley Target nursing bras. They came in a two pack and are so comfortable. I’m hoping not to have to make too many baby purchases from here on out, but more comfy nursing bras/tanks are on the list. I got them on sale and have been living in them.

four. Going on family walks/light exercise….It’s hot and humid and the mosquitoes are out to prey (although this bug lotion is awesome), but I feel so much better when I get out and move, even just for a few minutes. Caring for myself during this pregnancy has been a struggle since I’ve been more tired and distracted (hello, active two year old!), and I’m still trying to get better at doing simple thing such as exercising a couple times a week and drinking water. I’m getting close to the third tri and my body is starting to get achy, but semi-regular movement and Bradley exercises seem to help.

five. Which leads me to my next favorite…CHIROPRACTIC CARE! A friend of ours is a Webster-trained chiro and I have been seeing him though out this pregnancy. Although I am starting to feel a little achy, I am feeling world’s better compared to my last pregnancy, particularly in the area of back pain. I have basically none this time!  I had some decent discomfort that turned into bad pain for the 6 months after delivering Jimp and he helped me get rid of it. I’m so blessed to have his help a lot earlier this time to hopefully prevent it altogether.

six. This fun, colorful t-shirt dress. I bought this Lilly P. dress during the after-party sale a few weeks ago in a size up (and at a great price!!), hoping it would work for a while during this pregnancy and post-partum and I’m a big fan! It has buttons so it’s definitely nursing-friendly. Finding nursing-friendly dresses (that aren’t designated specifically as such) can be a challenge, so I’m glad a found a comfy option to wear now and post-baby. Here’s a not so great (24 week) bump shot featuring the dress and a messy room, but let’s just go with it:


seven. I’m kinda blanking on a 7th so I’ll just go with this…I’ve been doing most of our shopping at Aldi the past month and I’m loving all the money we’re saving! I’ll have to do a favorite things from Aldi post soon and share the goods. Since I’m part-time and I won’t have a salary this maternity leave, I’m constantly looking for ways to save and cut corners to prepare this time around and I’m most pleased with this one! Not sure why it took me so long to come around in the first place.

I’m blaming pregnancy brain…but typing this up kind of took some thought! Imagine that. Guess I need to put this brain to better use, huh? I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Cheers!

First trimester recap

Since I didn’t really blog around this time (hello, exhaustion! I thought I’d share what happened the first 3 months this pregnancy.)

We found out about our second pregnancy in early April–the week before my sister in law’s wedding. Since it was so early on in the pregnancy (about 4 weeks at that time), I still felt pretty good overall, but the tiredness was creeping in. I was a little disappointed to not be able to partake in a little wine or beer, but no big deal! I scheduled my first appointment for 8 weeks at Nativiti (highly recommend if you are in the Houston area), where we delivered our son, around that time.

I felt pretty good until about 6 weeks along, which is when the nausea started. I didn’t ever throw up, but felt pretty queasy and I went through a decent length of time where I couldn’t enjoy a lot of food. Food that definitely didn’t sound good was vegetables and certain meats (pretty much anything healthy!). We had just finished a Whole30 (which I credit in part to helping us get pregnant), so it was weird to go from eating super healthy to just eating whatever I could eat. Salty foods have been a craving throughout the past few months.

I have noticed a few things that are different: in the first trimester this time around, the pesky eczema on my hands pretty much went away. In the first trimester with Jimp, it got really BAD and I stopped wearing my rings around 12 weeks. Currently at 25 weeks, I still have them on! Woohoo! I also have chosen to drink 1-2 cups of coffee all throughout this pregnancy. I gave it up in the first tri the first time around. Also the aversions seemed a lot worse this time around in general, instead of sporadically with just few things.


After Mother’s Day brunch at Black Walnut Cafe: about 9 weeks along. This makes me laugh because can you see how tired I was? Also memorable because I was nauseous but so hungry and just happy to find something (an omelette) I could eat and enjoy!


Pregnancy–21 weeks!

I haven’t been great at keeping up with this blog, but I have lots of news and updates I’d like to share…the big thing is we are due with baby #2 this coming December! We are thrilled to welcome a little boy or girl in just a few months. I am especially excited to introduce the new baby to our son, who will be 2.5 at the time it happens. I actually wrote the post below 4 weeks ago right after our full anatomy scan appointment after our Ohio vacation. Not sure why I never hit ‘publish’, but since I took the time to do it, I figure I might as well send it in. I didn’t edit it too much, but things have happened and have progressed since then, obviously! At the time I am publishing this, I am actually 25 weeks, so I will have to do another update post, very soon!

sonogram crop 12 weeks

12 week ultrasound

Most people we know are aware already as I am showing and we haven’t kept it a surprise from friends and family for quite some time. We also just got back from a 2+ weeks vacation near Cleveland, Ohio to visit my husband’s family on their farm (more on this later!). I haven’t filled one of these out yet, but I figure it’s better late than never…

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby’s size: About 14 oz. About the length of a banana, I think.

Baby’s progress: After our full anatomy scan, the midwife said the baby is perfect! I can’t complain. Everything is formed, just needs to get bigger. I found out today that the placenta is anterior–so that would explain why I haven’t been feeling as much movement as I would have thought.

Weight gain: 10 pounds

Stretch marks: Not that I know of.

Sleep: Overall sleep has been fine. Still waking up early most days with Jimp, but we actually slept in today!

Gender: not finding out again. It was very tempting today though!

Movement: Yes, but I don’t feel it consistently or not very strongly, due to placenta being in front (anterior).

Best moment this week: Being on vacation in Ohio, getting to see our dear friends in Wisconsin, and getting to see lots of movement and a healthy baby on the ultrasound this morning.

Looking forward to: Our next big trip to New York in a week and a half, eek!!

Food cravings: Nothing really too much currently, but since this is my first pregnancy update post, my cravings over the past few months have included pizza and salty snacks.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing too weird, but we did eat a good rhubarb pie that I helped my MIL make in Ohio!

Anything make you queasy or sick: No

Labor signs: No way

What I miss: the occasional glass of beer and wine🙂

Symptoms: exhaustion and a little bit of discomfort after our two 20+ hours car trips over the past couple weeks!

Things that suck: I wouldn’t say it sucks, per se, but I was not too excited about going back to work today after two weeks off but that’s life, I guess.

Things that don’t suck: Another quick mini family vacation to NYC coming up and coming back to our own home and bed the other night.

I plan to share more about this pregnancy soon. I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Labor Day holiday!

Favorites at age 2!

Since I’m trying to get back on the blogging train, I wanted to share a few things that we are loving at our house at this age, while linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes!  I always enjoy reading when parents share their kiddos’/parenting favorite things at whatever age they’re at.

PicMonkey Collage

Top row: 1. Latt Table and Chairs from Ikea. This was a birthday gift and it’s Jimpy’s favorite place to enjoy smoothies! I don’t even mind if he colors on it (he already has) because it’s such a great deal. 2. Play kitchen: this was a very generous gift from Patrick’s mom for Christmas. It has gotten a lot of use these past 6 months! 3. Toy food: he received this set with said kitchen and still loves it! I love the durability and it definitely should last through a few kids.

Middle row: 4. Tool kit: we have been playing with these almost non-stop for months. 5. Football: we have a few different kinds, but I like these soft ones the best. He might be content playing with a ball all day long. 6. These Crocs: Jimp went through a phase not long ago where he ONLY wanted to wear Crocs. He will deviate a little now, but they are still his favorites!

Bottom row: 7. The last three are a few of his favorite books right now, which he happens to call “babas”. Hop on Pop – a classic! Why I Love My Mommy: cute animals and sweet text makes for a fun, easy read. 123: A Child’s First Counting Book: we all actually like this one! It is adapted from classic fairy tales so the illustrations are super fun to look at. Jimp always wants to read it again and again.

What are your kiddos’ favorite right now? And what did they like at age 2? Please share!