My survival list…

Modern Mrs. Darcy shared a few things that are saving her this time of year last month and it immediately got me thinking about what’s helping me get through life. The idea was that February tends to be the month when things get tough, and the winter blues start to kick in. Fortunately for us, it’s in the 80’s already and Spring Break is over so summer is on the horizon. However, with two small kids and newborn exhaustion still being a very real thing, most of the days seem very long. While this list may change from week to week, here are a few things that are helping me get through them now!

The slow cooker I got for Christmas. It’s big. It’s pretty. It’s efficient. I have put raw ground beef in it and it browns it well in an hour for something like chili. I put frozen chicken in it one morning last week and it was perfectly shred-able by the afternoon. Game-changer.

My double stroller! I love how I can configure it in lots different ways. And I know lots of toddlers aren’t fans of them by the time they get close to age three, but I’m lucky that James enjoys riding in one still. So convenient for when we leave the house (and I have found that leaving the house for a little bit everyday is a game changer itself). Lots of times, I’ll take it shopping and just stick groceries in the roomy storage basket underneath. It’s pricey, but hunt around for a used one or look for a sale. I got it for 20% off and it came with a $100 gift card, which I used for the second seat.

Ergobaby–As of last week Gigi is over the Moby wrap. I panicked a little because I ran over our Graco stroller base that works with the car seat (seriously, mom brain is for reals) and we had a quick trip to Cleveland last week and I didn’t know how I’d transport her in the airport if she wasn’t into baby wearing (I didn’t want to take the aforementioned double stroller). I tried out the Ergo with a rolled up towel as a seat since she’s a little short for it and she almost immediately passed out in it. It ended up working just fine for our trip too.

Park dates with friends. The weather has been great so I am trying to take advantage of these before it’s pretty much sweltering and the mosquitoes come out to hunt in a few weeks. Texas Problems. These are awesome if they are planned well around nap time (in the morning before lunch or later on in the afternoon after Patrick gets home).

Coffee! No explanation needed there.

My library card–I love requesting books in advance and downloading audio books from Hoopla. I keep a long request list going so there is always something new to pick up.

A cleaning service. We actually JUST had a team come in for the first time and it was an amazing difference. They will only come once a month for a good deep clean, but I’m hoping it will get me motivated to maintain it. Watching them made me realize all the places I don’t even think to clean! It’s a stretch financially, but worth it.

Daily prayer–I had grand plans for a more structured prayer life for Lent with a decent list of prayers I wanted to pray every day. I don’t get to all of them, but one thing Patrick and I have stuck with is a rosary together either in the car or before bed. It’s hard, especially when we’re both falling asleep (most nights, to be honest), but good.

Also, Lisa compiled a list of a few moms’ top baby products a few weeks ago for her blog, Something Pretty. I always find it so interesting and helpful to hear what works for other families/babies, especially when there’s so much out there. I plan to try out a few things from it now too! What’s working for you these days?


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