Gigi is 2 Months!


Showing off her body at the pediatrician’s office!

Stats: 11 pounds, 13 oz; 21.5 inches long

Likes: Being held, seeing people’s faces up close, smiles, baby talk, nursing (of course!), the Moby wrap when it’s wrapped tightly, going to bed early.


Dislikes: The bottle (Patrick said it just seems to piss her off. lol. I’m seeing lots of lunch breaks at home!) and getting ready for bed. She shrieks for about an hour or so up until we can get her settled then she sleeps like a log (last night she slept from about 7:30pm-1:45pm until she needed to be fed!). Not a huge fan of riding in our double stroller YET, but I am working on this one!


Sizes: 0-3 months are getting a little snug, so I need to wash the next size up. Size one diapers.

Milestones: She rolled over a few weeks ago! So weird. I put her down on the floor on her back and found her on her tummy. Last week I put her down in her bassinet and she immediately slipped over to her side. The ped also said that teeth might be coming in early since she is drooling a lot, which will also hopefully explain all the fussiness at night.

Overall she can be such a sweetheart, but she is so different than Jimpy who seemed to be so easy going all the time. It was so easy to settle him down at night and for naps (or at least we forgot the tough nights! Hehehe). She makes us work for it! 😀 I see a sassy/stubborn little lady in our future!


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