Holy Week Links!

I hope you’ve had a peaceful Holy Week! We took an impromptu/somewhat whirlwind trip to San Antonio this weekend and had so much fun, but it was quick and somewhat exhausting! However, I think I want to make San Antonio an every two year tradition because I kind of didn’t want to leave just yet. Thankfully we’ve been laying low for the most part since we have been back. Since the next few days will be packed with all things liturgical, I’m going to try to take an Internet break the next few days so I wanted a share a few links from other areas around the interwebs that I enjoyed reading/listening to!

First things first….we have a four month old and we are officially potty training! When did my babies get replaced with these mini adults? Kidding. 😀

Exploring the San Antonio River Walk this weekend

A few podcasts: Catholic Stuff You Should Know (four super smart and hilarious priests that really bring down sometimes lofty topics of the faith to my level), the Simple Show (I especially love the travel episodes), and the Catholic Feminist (brand new, but she had had some great interviewees already).

This Spring Cleaning link-up. I’m honestly not a naturally tidy person, but after almost 4 years of being married to someone who loves to declutter/clean, I’ve picked up some decent habits. I mentioned that we recently signed someone up to clean once a month, which I definitely takes a huge load off of our shoulders.  I’m trying not to let myself off the hook though and actually maintain what gets cleaned, but it does free up time to do some purging (thanks to some inspiration from the link-up)! My main areas that I’d like to focus on these next few weeks: sorting and organizing kids clothes, changing out the seasonal clothes, purging my dresser, and cleaning out bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

These blog posts: Jen’s challenge on how she rocks motherhood. It’s so easy to think and dwell on the areas where we struggle, but what are the areas that you actually do well? I think I need to let that resonate a bit when reflecting on myself as a mom, because honestly not much came to mind right away! And similarly, Lisa shared five ways she prioritizes marriage as a new parent.

A few simple liturgical ideas I’d like to try for the week: Natural egg dye recipes, coloring eggs with crayons, Divine Mercy Novena, a child-friendly movie on the life of Christ (not sure how this will go as it’s probably best for a little bit older kids, but I think I’ll introduce it, at least). We’re still trying to figure out Easter brunch plans, but there are some egg hunts in our future! And finally, for some reason, talking about Holy Week plans always reminds me of this video.

Prayers for a blessed Triduum and Easter season!


2 thoughts on “Holy Week Links!

  1. Happy Easter! I’ll have to check out the links to the egg dye link. We didn’t get a chance to dye eggs (just used plastic ones for the hunt) but my toddlers really want to deco some eggs and I figure being late is fine since the Easter season lasts more than a day. 😉


    1. Yes! I want to do it again. They were a little tricky to figure out, but I think that the longer you keep the eggs in the dye, the prettier the color (definitely true for the red cabbage). 🙂 I’m still eating a lot of boiled eggs though! Happy Easter!!


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