Seven Quick Takes and another life update!

Good morning, friends! This was my first week back to work (part-time) and although it’s been a weird transition…it’s actually really nice to have a schedule again and AMAZING parents nearby to help make this happen for us. I thought I’d give a small life update, while linking up with Kelly!


Chilling at the children’s museum this week

(ONE) I’ve been trying (and often failing) to step back from the time/soul suckage of social media to be more present to family/friends/work on goals…and it has paid off in some good ways. One of the goals was to read/listen to more books. I recently read the Nightingale and loved it. I have a few more WWII books on my list after reading this one. And due to several library requests arriving around the same time…I’m currently reading/listening to a few right now: Grace, Not Perfection, Present Over Perfect (on Audio; really loving this one), and Divine Mercy for Moms (with my church book club). Patrick and I also started listening to the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up after I downloaded it when it was free on Audible last month. With Lent coming up, I’m working on a spiritual reading list and I’m definitely open to suggestions!

(TWO) We are currently Whole30-ing again for the month of February and it’s going well. Patrick and I both feel good and I think it’s really helping with the newborn exhaustion. Tiger blood? Not really sure about that, but I am falling asleep much easier at night and sleeping soundly when I am able. Amazing when your little one wakes up a several times a night. I am also feeling less anxious overall, which is a huge win since I’m pretty sure I am prone some sort of postpartum anxiety.

(THREE) Meals are a lot easier to prepare and I think it’s because after last year’s round we kept most of the meals we cook at home mostly paleo-ish, therefore we’re used to cooking this way. We are for the most part keeping meals extra simple and it has worked well for our budget and for the limited time we have due to dinner being so close to what is known as “witching hour”. So lots of slow cooker-type meals or proteins that don’t take a lot of work to prep (burgers, compliant sausage, roasted whole chicken…). Also, no fancy Whole30 snacks this time around (just fruit, nuts, etc.).


One day last week when Patrick made an amazing frittata!

(FOUR) Gigi is a two month old! We had her well check earlier this week and it’s crazy how fast it’s going by. A friend from grad school had her second baby a month before us and she gave me the tip to just sit more and let the baby sleep on me since it goes by so fast. It’s so tempting to put her down to get stuff done once she’s asleep, but I’ve been grateful for the times I get to do this. She definitely naps better on me anyway! πŸ˜‰


(FIVE) Speaking of…homegirl is SO not feeling the bottle/pacifier (of course). We are managing fine, especially since I can go home to feed her at lunch and on evenings/weekends I only work for about 3-4 hours at a time. But I’m willing to try different bottles, if you have recommendations!

(SIX) Patrick and I watched Minimalism on Netflix the other night and really enjoyed it! Have you seen the documentary? I liked how it interviews all sorts of people and how they live the “minimalist” lifestyle differently (tiny house, minimalism as a family with 6 kids, etc.).

(SEVEN) After watching it, we decided to try Project 333 (the founder of the program was featured on the movie). It’s basically a form of a capsule wardrobe (33 pieces of clothing for 3 months) and it’s been actually pretty fun. I was only wearing a few things each day anyway due to only wanting to wear certain things postpartum and while nursing a lot. Mostly looser tops with comfy pants. Plus I was inspired by Kelly’s capsule wardrobe post from last week, so I thought why not?! πŸ˜€ I pretty much purged all clothes (with the exception of a couple of nice dresses) that aren’t nursing-friendly when I accepted the fact that’d it’d be over a year until I’d get to use them again, so I might as well just own clothes I’m actually comfortable wearing. It’s also getting me out of my default leggings every day. It’s a little challenging as we go from the 80’s one day to a chilly 50 degrees day. Most of the clothing I have picked can be worn on warm days, with the exception of a down vest and couple cardigans, so I’m trying to make it work!

I hope you have a blessed weekend! We are doing some sort of late Valentine’s day date…maybe a trip to the farmers market to cook lunch together or something. Any weekend plans? Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s day this year? We did a night in and watched the Bachelor (ugh, Nick!). Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes and another life update!

  1. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend too, it was so hard with it being in the middle of the week! I’ve been reading more too instead of being on social media as much and it’s been going pretty well – I’ll have to check out your reads, they sound interesting!


    1. Yes! A Tuesday Valentine’s Day date wasn’t going to happen for us this year! I keep requesting more books every time I hear of something somewhat interesting so I always have something to read. I can’t say I get through them all though, but I try!


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