Three months with Gigi!

Life is flying by these days as Gigi is now three months old! I still haven’t taken my own three month photos of her, but I wanted to share some amazing photos that my super talented sister, Aelish, took! Seriously. If you need pictures and live in Texas, she’s your lady. She does it all!

Stats: Around 13 pounds

Likes: Being held by Patrick (we call it the “choke hold”), her new swing (sometimes), cuddling, when her big brother is around, nap time (normally one  good nap a day, and then a few cat naps), being around people, being outside

Dislikes: the bottle/pacifier (still), the Moby wrap (major bummer. We haven’t been having much luck the last few times we’ve put her in it; maybe I need to try the Ergo?). Overall, she has really leveled out and is pretty low-key! Way less screaming/crying.

Sizes: size two diapers and 3-6 month clothing!

Milestones: she rolls over fairly frequently now and her neck seems to be fairly strong. Lots of drool and a couple teeth nubs are visible.

Compared to last month’s update, she has become way more easy going and it’s so much easier to get her to relax and down for bed at night. She seems to comfort-nurse a lot more, along with the regular dream feeds. I’ve noticed my patience is wearing thin these days and I think  daylight savings, an early rising toddler, and three months of broken sleep is finally taking its toll. Thankfully, there is coffee and I have something tangible I can work on the rest of lent. 🙂

Do you have plans for the weekend? Our Archdiocese has a dispensation for St. Patrick’s tomorrow and it’s my husband’s name day! I’m thinking a fun dinner is in order. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Three months with Gigi!

    1. Thanks, friend! An article you wrote on Verily about keeping up skills post partum popped up on my Pinterest yesterday! I downloaded Duolingo (love it!) and requested a bunch of books to read from the library after it. lol Thanks for the great tips! 😀


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