One Month!

Hello friends! I’m finally back with some exciting news to share! Our baby girl, Genevieve Guadalupe, was born just over a month ago, December 13, 2016 and 6:29 pm after a quick, but surprisingly calm delivery. Our Christmas season was quiet, but blessed with lots of family time spent at home snuggling our little one and experiencing the season with a two and half year old! I feel like so much has happened in the last month and I thought I’d link up with Kelly’s 7QT while sharing!


One Month

(1) Having a new baby at Christmas is so fun, you guys! I highly recommend it. 😉 Let’s back up a bit–being full term pregnant during Advent and then with a tiny baby at Christmas truly forced us to slow down and savor the season. Due to the circumstances, Advent was a serious season of waiting. We didn’t feel the urge to run and do Christmas and really felt like we had the obligation to take things slowly and not get too busy, due to my physical limitations (and for my sanity). Once she arrived, we just kept the slow going and spent lots of time on the couch/in bed. Turns out a fresh baby gets you out of all the holiday obligations!


Christmas Mass

(2) During the rest of Advent and Christmas, almost all of our time was spent quietly at home. Since we delivered at a birth center, we went home about 4 hours after she was born. Thankfully with all the grandparents nearby, Jimp was able to spend 4 nights with grandparents. We missed him, but the quiet(ish) nights were great.


Christmas Morning

(3) Hopefully I’ll get around to posting her birth story soon! I need to get it down on paper before I forget everything! Like I mentioned, the birth was super quick and actually really peaceful though. It was about an hour and half from when the legit contractions started to when she was delivered. Despite how quick it went, I got to deliver in the tub and everything. I can’t complain and feel super blessed.


Newborn Exam

(4) We shared the story of Genevieve’s (we call her Gigi) name with Kate at Sancta Nomina and she put the announcement on her blog. If you’re not familiar with her site, she does name consultations for Catholic families and always has great recommendations for baby names. Check it out here. 🙂


Two Weeks

(5) Gigi was baptized by our dear friend, Deacon Jacob, on December 26th at our parish. Keep him in your prayers as he will be ordained in May! We had several college friends in town who were able to join us for the occasion, along with our families. I hope I can share a few more photos when I get a few more back from my sister in law.


(6) Patrick and I agree that the thing we were most excited about is seeing Jimp and Gigi together. I was a little worried about jealousy, but I actually haven’t noticed any of that. He kisses her, loves “holding” her, and is always interested in her socks (?). He had a tough time after Patrick went back to work last week (we had 4 weeks together, so I don’t blame him!), but overall I’d say the transition is going pretty well!


(7) Overall, it has been the sweetest month as a family of FOUR! Cheers to a happy 2017!


First Family Photo at Birth Center



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