Healthy-ish Holiday Recipe Favorites

Hello and happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! These couple weeks are super festive and exciting for the Church with so many awesome feasts and celebrations. I am literally on edge waiting to see which day this baby picks for his/her birthday. 🙂


In honor of celebrating Our Lady and a fun link up, I wanted to share a few favorite holiday recipes! I don’t bake often because my husband eats pretty clean and mostly gluten/sugar free so if I’m going to make a treat for him, it’s normally a paleo-ish one. Also, I didn’t grow up baking a lot (and definitely not from scratch) so my preferred recipes are easy and don’t require a lot of fancy ingredients.

The first couple are pumpkin, so I guess more traditionally fall, but I don’t see how they couldn’t work all winter (year) long! We have been making these pumpkin muffins from Wellness Mama throughout the past couple of months. It has just a few super simple and healthy ingredients and is delicious. It’s a treat I don’t mind making and feeding to Jimp because they’re gluten and refined sugar free, not to mention packed with protein from the eggs. I have used butter and coconut oil in the recipe and both taste great.

Next is another Wellness Mama recipe–Pumpkin cheesecake. I always use ground almonds for the crust since they’re the only nut I can eat. This is probably Patrick’s favorite dessert. Again, super easy and relatively guilt free.

Another paleo treat we love, are the chocolate coconut macaroons from the Against All Grain cookbook. Any of her recipes are great. They do require more extensive ingredients, so I don’t make them too often. However, they are truly decadent and would make great gifts. You won’t even miss the gluten/refined sugar. I think I’ll try the peppermint version next!

This cookie recipe isn’t paleo (I am no paleo police by any means!!), but I have tried them couple times and they didn’t disappoint, most recently for our work Christmas party. Can’t go wrong with classic chocolate chip cookies! I used this simple recipe. If you’re interested in a paleo option: try the Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Against All Grain or Primal Palate’s Chocolate Chip Raspberry Cookies. I have made both and they are both great.


Baking said cookies with #datbump

This last recipe isn’t a sweet, but it’s definitely a holiday favorite in our family! My mom is Filipino and she doesn’t really bake, but she makes the best lumpia ever. We eat pretty traditional meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my mom always makes these Filipino egg rolls as appetizers and they are never leftovers around! Jimp ate about 4 at Thanksgiving–and didn’t want any dinner after that. 😉 She doesn’t really have a recipe but here is a link to a similar one.

Linking up today with Sarah and Victoria!






4 thoughts on “Healthy-ish Holiday Recipe Favorites

  1. I love that you linked really healthy options! I’ve never heard of Wellness Mama before now, but I’m so glad you linked to her!


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