Small Biz Holiday Gift Picks

Hi there and Blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception! I am currently feeling very Advent-y as I (restlessly) wait/prepare for baby2 to come! Due date is in 2 days and I am mostly feeling well. However, the baby is pretty low according to the midwives, so every minor discomfort has me wondering, “Is it time??!!”. Although a little bit restless, I am mostly very EXCITED and not very anxious at all. We have all baby prep pretty much done. Next week depending on my recovery status (or if the baby is even here), I’ll have some gift wrapping and card sending to do (or realistically maybe the husband will do it). But otherwise, we are pretty much good to go and ready to snuggle with our babies, rest, and enjoy the rest of Advent and Christmas!

I had hoped to squeeze in another post between now and the due date which included an abbreviated version of Jimp’s birth story, but couldn’t find what I had typed out a couple years ago. So I will have to sit down and do it again eventually.

In the meantime, I thought I’d join the Christmas link up again with Sarah and Victoria and share some fun small business gift picks. I have purchased some of these myself and the rest I think would just be great gifts to give or receive! 🙂

From Left to Right, starting at the top: any of the fun mugs and prints from Brick House in the City, all designed by Lauren, a friend from college.

A personalized, hand lettered ornament from All She Wrote Notes.

Simple, but beautiful embroidered baby blankets from Etsy Shop, TheInitialGift (got one for a friend earlier this year).

We used these address stamps from Etsy for our wedding invitations (with my parents’ address) I wish I had one for our Christmas cards this year! Would be great for any new homeowners or newlyweds.

And lastly, basically anything by Katrina of Hatch Prints! She hand letters and watercolors art prints and mugs and just added this beautiful calendar to her shop. I think I would frame all the prints at the end of the year for a gallery wall. You can find art for the whole family on her site!

I hope you have a blessed Advent and Christmas season and a wonderful feast day today!



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