7 Quick Takes


And just like that….it’s been like a month since I last posted! I think that’s the theme of life right now….time is just moving and every time I look at the calendar another week has flown by. I can’t believe baby2 is due in less than 7 weeks. Surprisingly enough…I’m feeling calm and not to anxious about it all yet.

I’m linking up with Kelly at 7QT to get back into blogging!

(ONE) Funny story: I tried joining another linkup earlier this week but never got a chance to finish so I’m turning it into a 7QT post….To start, I thought I’d share meals for the week…I don’t have the meals all quite planned out but here’s an idea:

Sunday: Roasted whole chicken and vegetables (Patrick cooked)

Monday: I felt like pasta this day so we did gluten free pasta with ground beef/red sauce, Greek salad, and roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli

Tuesday: Turkey meatballs, roasted green beans and yellow potatoes

Wednesday: Taco salad with ground beef and veggies over spinach

Thursday: Turkey shepherd’s pie

Friday: no idea, but we have been enjoying eating out at the end of the week! So possibly?

Weekend: no clue–depends on when I shop and what’s left. 🙂

Most of our meals these days have revolved around three basic proteins: a whole roasted chicken, grass-fed ground beef, and ground turkey. A little boring maybe, but keeping it simple has saved us money (particularly through shopping at Aldi, which in our area, has the best price for grass fed meat at around $5/lb. It sells out quickly so I normally buy 3-4 at a time to always have some on hand.) and has made planning meals super easy. We rotate a few meals and try to get creative with the way we prepare things to keep it interesting.

(TWO) These past two weekends I got to freelance with Jennifer Laura Design on flowers. The first time I worked alongside my sister in law, Aelish, and we had a blast and learned so much! The second weekend was just for a day since a freelancer dropped out last minute. Both days were so fun and I hope to get a chance to do it again soon. Here are a few snaps of some of the magic we got to help create…I love the fall colors we used.


(THREE) I just finished listening to the Magnolia Story on Audible. I definitely recommend it. It’s definitely inspiring and makes me wish I had my own small business. Also just confirms that I need to make my Magnolia Market pilgrimage dreams a reality. The audio book is especially fun because Chip and Joanna read it themselves. We are cancelling our Audible account (kinda pricey), despite how convenient it is. However, I recently discovered Hoopla and can’t wait to start listening to more books for free. I had been checking out audio books on CD for a while at our library, but never bothered to figure out how to download them to my phone. Now I’m thrilled that I won’t even have to go to our branch to pick it up! I’ve had difficulty starting/finishing books lately, but listening has been way more my speed. I can listen while I make dinner, drive, play with Jimp. I’m obsessed. Any recommendations on what I should check out next?

(FOUR) I’ve also slowly tackling a few organization/house projects and hoping to start some new things before the baby comes. Next up: finish our master bath and possibly chalk paint a couple pieces of furniture. Hopefully we will get tile ordered this week for the bathroom and figure out granite for the new counters in there. So far I mostly have Jimp’s “big kid” room finished, I just want to add some art to the walls to personalize it.

(FIVE) Which leads me to my next take–I’m itching to repaint some furniture! I have used Miss Mustard Seed paint and Annie Sloan before, but I’m curious about the Valspar chalk paint after reading this post from Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee. I’d love to paint this giant china cabinet thing we have (our first furniture purchase as a married couple).

(SIX) I found this Verily post on sticking to an outfit formula very timely for me at almost 34 weeks pregnant. I have found most of my outfits consist of fitted pants/leggings or looser tops/blouses. For a day at home, it’s Old Navy jeans or leggings and a loose-ish t-shirt. For our business casual-ish office it’s Gap maternity pants (these or some navy fitted cords that I can’t find online) and a nice-ish top/cardigan (admittedly sometimes a t-shirt if that’s all my clean laundry allows). I’m definitely pushing the casual in “business casual”. With my first pregnancy, I preferred the comfort of maxi skirts and dresses.  For shoes, it’s flats all the way: Toms, various ballet flats, or my new Hunters (Seen here along with a favorite comfy outfit and found for a deal on Amazon!!).

(SEVEN) I’m so looking forward to a somewhat easy week coming up at work. No RE classes on Sunday and the office is closed on All Saints’ Day. Not sure about weekend or Halloween plans yet. I think we’ll do a little trick or treating with our neighbors and call it an early night. This pregnant’s gotta rest! Do you have anything fun planned? Please share!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Last year’s costume: the cutest chicken ever!




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