Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

And just like that….I’m a couple weeks into the third tri. Um, when did that happen? Seriously. I looked in the mirror the other night and was like, did I grow a basketball overnight? I think yes!

Right: 31 weeks with Jimp / Left: 29 weeks with baby2

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby’s size: A cabbage!

Baby’s progress: All is good!

Weight gain: Not sure–Maybe 15 pounds?

Stretch marks: Not yet

Sleep: Sleep is good, but we still get up around 5:00. I have taken two two+ hour naps with the toddler this week though, as I do feel tired a lot.

Gender: Still unknown

Movement: Yes! Lots!

Best moment this week: It’s been a pretty low-key week, but I’m loving the moments in the evenings when the three of us are home and relaxing together.

Looking forward to: freelancing a floral design job next week with my sister-in-law! 🙂 I’m anticipating a crazy weekend, but a great learning experience.

Food cravings: Pizza…salty snacks like pretzels and popcorn…and sweet things like grapes, apples and chocolate.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Hmm….I started drinking my red raspberry leaf tea to prep for labor, but I wouldn’t say that’s so weird?

Anything make you queasy or sick: No

Labor signs: No!! Just good ol’ Braxton Hicks.

What I miss: Sleeping in…

Symptoms: tiredness/thirst. I’ve been drinking lots of water and thus going to the bathroom lots. The back discomfort that I was starting to feel is pretty much gone. I now go to the chiro weekly for adjustments so that definitely is doing its job.

Things that suck: It doesn’t suck too much, but I am getting to the antsy stage. Every picture of a newborn/tiny baby makes me really wish I have already been through the labor stage and that I was at home on maternity leave. I’m also wanting to NEST and purge/clean/organize EVERYTHING…so feeling a little restless, I guess.

Things that don’t suck: No gestational diabetes! I’m trying to nest a little bit everyday by organizing/purging a little at a time, such as washing and organizing tiny baby clothes (for a boy and girl! Something I didn’t do before…everything we used with Jimp was gender neutral). And slowly acquire extra necessities for post-partum so we won’t have to make big purchases of everything we need all at one time. Also, Patrick got a lot of painting done upstairs over the last month so I will have to share updates about that. I’m also trying to organize/clear out certain problem areas like closets and cabinets…We joke that I, for whatever reason, did not feel the need to nest with Jimp so I am trying to take advantage of it while I actually want to!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks!

  1. You look so good!! And yay for new gestational diabetes or back pain 🙂 That floral freelance job looked like so much fun–I want to hear more about it next time I see y’all!


    1. Thank you! 🙂 And it was SO FUN! We both actually get to do it again this weekend since she had someone drop out for another wedding. I hope I can post some pictures from it soon.


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