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Linking up at with 7 Quick Takes on this beautiful FRIDAY!

1) I’ve been back to a regular work schedule for a couple weeks now as RE classes have started up on Sunday and Wednesday nights and our First Penance prep sessions are about to begin. I miss my leisurely Sundays, but it has been a great start to the year! It’s a different story though working more hours as my body seems to want to slow down as I get into the third trimester. Still no back pain/swelling, but my feet are achin’ by the end of a night of classes. Any shoe recommendations for achy preggo feet? So far Toms seem to be my best option…

2) I really enjoyed reading this post about how one family chooses not to meal plan from, for simiplicity’s sake. I do meal plan, but it’s not a super regular thing. I think I tend to buy similar ingredients from week to week and we will repeat a lot of the same meals since we know we like them and they’re easy for us. I have so many unique and delicious-sounding recipes pinned…but I never tend to keep a wide variety of ingredients on hand to try them. And I totally resonated with the point the author made about buying a whole bunch of leeks to end up only using up a little for a recipe and then letting the rest waste in the fridge. This family tends to keep their meals simple with a veggie (from their CSA box)+protein and sometimes a starch. It also made me want to sign up again for our CSA or at least hit up the farmer markets for healthy, seasonal produce!

3) Speaking of (non) meal planning, I tried out Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up this week and was impressed by the ease of it! I’m not normally a Wal-Mart shopper, but since I didn’t have to go into the store, I decided to try it out. I don’t think I’ll do it super often, but maybe during weeks when we’re especially busy and after baby2 is born. Our location had a good variety of organic and healthy options and I spent close to what I normally spend for groceries. I also got $10 off for my first order so I definitely think it’s a win and worth a try if you have a location nearby that does it.

4) The temperature has been in the 70s-80s the past couple of days so in Houston that means that we’re all about flannel, scarves, and boots (we take what we can get!). 🙂


When it actually feels like fall, you go to the park in your pajamas!

5) I can’t stop listening to Young House Love’s Podcast when I’m at home! Each episode is only about 30 min long so I can normally get thru a couple per day. Loving it and totally inspiring me to get a few nesting projects done in the next 10 weeks.

6) At work, I’ve been listening to the French Cooking Pandora station. Lots of sweet and relaxing songs on there…think Midnight in Paris. Jimpy can’t stop requesting a Raffi playlist on Youtube. If you have a toddler…I’m warning you! 😉

7) Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year…Feast Day of St Therese! I’ll be working in the morning, but hope to make a special treat to celebrate. I’ve done novenas for this feast day since college and Patrick and I have done it together for at least 3 years. I love all the special feasts this week…Guardian Angels and Archangels too…do you do anything special to celebrate?


Any plans for the weekend? I hope it’s blessed!


One thought on “7QT Life Lately

  1. During my last pregnancy my only shoe recommendations were, “whatever you can jam on your suddenly enormous clodhoppers.” Out of my 6 full-term pregnancies, I’ve never really had my feet change shape/size until this last one. And I think it might be permanent, too! Baby is 4 months old and there are still a few pairs that feel too small to me.


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