What We’re Eating Now…

Happy Tuesday! Being pregnant (and before that nursing a toddler), I feel like food is always on my mind. I’m trying to get better at planning meals that are simple and don’t require too many crazy ingredients so we aren’t tempted to go out to eat in the evenings and to keep things pretty healthy. Eating enough protein and veggies are some of my main priorities with pregnancy. About a year ago, I shared some of our favorite meals. We have kind of evolved over time with certain things, but still keep things pretty simple.


Pioneer Woman – Mexican Rice

We went through a long phase where our dinners were mostly grain-free, but we have incorporated rice, corn tortillas, and brown rice/quinoa pasta (so still mostly gluten-free) into our regular meals and it’s working well for us. Here are a few of our regular favorites. Most meals follow the same sort of template: veggies, starch, and a protein. We don’t use recipes often (although the Mexican rice recipe below is what we use for ours), but I’m adding some for ideas!

  • Meatballs with oven baked fries and broccoli/brussels (or with red sauce and pasta)
  • Ground beef/turkey or pulled chicken tacos (or taco salad) with corn tortillas, spinach, tomatoes, and Mexican rice
  • Roasted whole chicken with roasted vegetables and potatoes
  • Beef sliders (bun-less) over greens with veggies, fries, and fixings
  • Texas Chili (no beans, beef or turkey), over rice and with a veggie on the side
  • Frittata (with meat or meatless for Fridays) with lots of veggies and cheese, potatoes
  • Baked wild fish (salmon or mahi) with veggies and rice
  • Zucchini lasagna (basically just lasagna that uses zucchini for noodles)

entertainingWith_AdamAndEleanor_7 (1)

Camille Styles – Frittata

All of these meals are super simple, toddler-friendly, and can be made in pretty much an hour or less. What are you family favorites or staple meals? And do you meal plan or just wing it? I made a list of these and put it on the fridge which makes it easy when I shop and prepare for the week ahead. Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “What We’re Eating Now…

  1. I am super impressed that you don’t use recipes–I am useless in the kitchen without them! Dave and I joke that we always forget that meat + a vegetable is a completely reasonable dinner option 😛


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