7 Favorite things!

Hi there! I’m hoping to keep the blogging going so I am joining 7 Quick Takes today to share seven things (in no particular order) I’m liking these days.

one. Lunch right now. I started craving macaroni and cheese today during our parish mom’s group and immediately thought of this pin. I had almost all the ingredients and only improvised a little (basically halved the recipe and used lots of Kerrygold and a splash of unsweetened almond milk, instead of cream). Turned out pretty good. I guess adding a half a pack of butter would do that! 😉 I also used the rice and quinoa pasta from Aldi and added peas and a little canned tuna for protein.


via the modern proper

two. I’m really enjoying reading The Second Greatest Story Every Told by Father Michael Gaitley for our parish mom’s group book study. We just started but I’m hooked and learning a lot already. It’s quick and simple, but still seems to be very rich spiritually and theologically.

three. Gilligan O’Malley Target nursing bras. They came in a two pack and are so comfortable. I’m hoping not to have to make too many baby purchases from here on out, but more comfy nursing bras/tanks are on the list. I got them on sale and have been living in them.

four. Going on family walks/light exercise….It’s hot and humid and the mosquitoes are out to prey (although this bug lotion is awesome), but I feel so much better when I get out and move, even just for a few minutes. Caring for myself during this pregnancy has been a struggle since I’ve been more tired and distracted (hello, active two year old!), and I’m still trying to get better at doing simple thing such as exercising a couple times a week and drinking water. I’m getting close to the third tri and my body is starting to get achy, but semi-regular movement and Bradley exercises seem to help.

five. Which leads me to my next favorite…CHIROPRACTIC CARE! A friend of ours is a Webster-trained chiro and I have been seeing him though out this pregnancy. Although I am starting to feel a little achy, I am feeling world’s better compared to my last pregnancy, particularly in the area of back pain. I have basically none this time!  I had some decent discomfort that turned into bad pain for the 6 months after delivering Jimp and he helped me get rid of it. I’m so blessed to have his help a lot earlier this time to hopefully prevent it altogether.

six. This fun, colorful t-shirt dress. I bought this Lilly P. dress during the after-party sale a few weeks ago in a size up (and at a great price!!), hoping it would work for a while during this pregnancy and post-partum and I’m a big fan! It has buttons so it’s definitely nursing-friendly. Finding nursing-friendly dresses (that aren’t designated specifically as such) can be a challenge, so I’m glad a found a comfy option to wear now and post-baby. Here’s a not so great (24 week) bump shot featuring the dress and a messy room, but let’s just go with it:


seven. I’m kinda blanking on a 7th so I’ll just go with this…I’ve been doing most of our shopping at Aldi the past month and I’m loving all the money we’re saving! I’ll have to do a favorite things from Aldi post soon and share the goods. Since I’m part-time and I won’t have a salary this maternity leave, I’m constantly looking for ways to save and cut corners to prepare this time around and I’m most pleased with this one! Not sure why it took me so long to come around in the first place.

I’m blaming pregnancy brain…but typing this up kind of took some thought! Imagine that. Guess I need to put this brain to better use, huh? I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Cheers!


7 thoughts on “7 Favorite things!

  1. Hi Mary! Coming over from 7 QT’s. 🙂 That mac n’ cheese looks incredibly delicious! I love kerrigold butter-what a difference in flavor and color from others. So interested to hear about chiropractic care helping with back pain, especially since mine is still lingering after just having had my 3rd baby. Also, the Bradley Method is awesome! May God bless the rest of your pregnancy!


    1. Thank you!! We’re a kerrygold house for sure. And I get the 3 pack from Costco now so we don’t run out! Hehe. I would definitely look into a chiro, if you can. I had to see the Dr a a couple times a week for a several weeks at first, then after a month or so we started spacing it out and I would go less often. So it was a gradual process but I felt like it was worth it and my pain totally went away. It was really gentle and not very intense at all either.


  2. Oh my word, that mac and cheese looks amazing! I now have to restrain myself from going downstairs at 10pm to try and make it.
    I had no idea that nursing bras like that existed! I’m not sure if they’d exactly work for my body type, but they look so comfortable – I think I could at least wear them around the house (since sports bras aren’t really doing me any favors as I head towards my due date. > _ >
    Prayers for the rest of your pregnancy!


    1. I know that feeling! Haha. It was so easy to make and turned it well even with improvising. The bras are super comfortable but since they’re sports bra style the straps kind of show with a lot of shirts. Thank you for the prayers 🙂


  3. I’m so glad your Lilly dress was a success! It looks so cute from that photo! 🙂 And I am mentally filing away your chiropractic care tip for future pregnancies–lower back pain has been my most frequent symptom since really early on, so I wonder if that would solve the problem!


    1. Now that I’m in the third tri and work has been crazy, I’m starting to feel it creep in but it’s much more manageable. I definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you back pain persists after delivery. How are you feeling? Y’all are in our prayers 🙂


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