Pregnancy–21 weeks!

I haven’t been great at keeping up with this blog, but I have lots of news and updates I’d like to share…the big thing is we are due with baby #2 this coming December! We are thrilled to welcome a little boy or girl in just a few months. I am especially excited to introduce the new baby to our son, who will be 2.5 at the time it happens. I actually wrote the post below 4 weeks ago right after our full anatomy scan appointment after our Ohio vacation. Not sure why I never hit ‘publish’, but since I took the time to do it, I figure I might as well send it in. I didn’t edit it too much, but things have happened and have progressed since then, obviously! At the time I am publishing this, I am actually 25 weeks, so I will have to do another update post, very soon!

sonogram crop 12 weeks

12 week ultrasound

Most people we know are aware already as I am showing and we haven’t kept it a surprise from friends and family for quite some time. We also just got back from a 2+ weeks vacation near Cleveland, Ohio to visit my husband’s family on their farm (more on this later!). I haven’t filled one of these out yet, but I figure it’s better late than never…

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby’s size: About 14 oz. About the length of a banana, I think.

Baby’s progress: After our full anatomy scan, the midwife said the baby is perfect! I can’t complain. Everything is formed, just needs to get bigger. I found out today that the placenta is anterior–so that would explain why I haven’t been feeling as much movement as I would have thought.

Weight gain: 10 pounds

Stretch marks: Not that I know of.

Sleep: Overall sleep has been fine. Still waking up early most days with Jimp, but we actually slept in today!

Gender: not finding out again. It was very tempting today though!

Movement: Yes, but I don’t feel it consistently or not very strongly, due to placenta being in front (anterior).

Best moment this week: Being on vacation in Ohio, getting to see our dear friends in Wisconsin, and getting to see lots of movement and a healthy baby on the ultrasound this morning.

Looking forward to: Our next big trip to New York in a week and a half, eek!!

Food cravings: Nothing really too much currently, but since this is my first pregnancy update post, my cravings over the past few months have included pizza and salty snacks.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing too weird, but we did eat a good rhubarb pie that I helped my MIL make in Ohio!

Anything make you queasy or sick: No

Labor signs: No way

What I miss: the occasional glass of beer and wine 🙂

Symptoms: exhaustion and a little bit of discomfort after our two 20+ hours car trips over the past couple weeks!

Things that suck: I wouldn’t say it sucks, per se, but I was not too excited about going back to work today after two weeks off but that’s life, I guess.

Things that don’t suck: Another quick mini family vacation to NYC coming up and coming back to our own home and bed the other night.

I plan to share more about this pregnancy soon. I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Labor Day holiday!


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