Favorites at age 2!

Since I’m trying to get back on the blogging train, I wanted to share a few things that we are loving at our house at this age, while linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes!  I always enjoy reading when parents share their kiddos’/parenting favorite things at whatever age they’re at.

PicMonkey Collage

Top row: 1. Latt Table and Chairs from Ikea. This was a birthday gift and it’s Jimpy’s favorite place to enjoy smoothies! I don’t even mind if he colors on it (he already has) because it’s such a great deal. 2. Play kitchen: this was a very generous gift from Patrick’s mom for Christmas. It has gotten a lot of use these past 6 months! 3. Toy food: he received this set with said kitchen and still loves it! I love the durability and it definitely should last through a few kids.

Middle row: 4. Tool kit: we have been playing with these almost non-stop for months. 5. Football: we have a few different kinds, but I like these soft ones the best. He might be content playing with a ball all day long. 6. These Crocs: Jimp went through a phase not long ago where he ONLY wanted to wear Crocs. He will deviate a little now, but they are still his favorites!

Bottom row: 7. The last three are a few of his favorite books right now, which he happens to call “babas”. Hop on Pop – a classic! Why I Love My Mommy: cute animals and sweet text makes for a fun, easy read. 123: A Child’s First Counting Book: we all actually like this one! It is adapted from classic fairy tales so the illustrations are super fun to look at. Jimp always wants to read it again and again.

What are your kiddos’ favorite right now? And what did they like at age 2? Please share!



2 thoughts on “Favorites at age 2!

  1. Hi Mary! My little guy isn’t quite 2 yet – only 17 months – but he is definitely going through a book kick. His current favorites are The Very Hungry Catepillar, I Love My Mommy Because…, and Maisy’s Tractor. And when he’s not pulling me to the couch to read, he’s just climbing on the couch (or the kitchen table, or the play structure outside, or the pew in front of us, or…) Needless to say, I try to encourage the reading as much as possible. 😉
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be looking for these books at our library!


    1. Thanks for the recs! He is a fan of the Very Hungry Caterpillar too. I will have to look into Maisy’s Tractor. I really need to head to the library again too. I’ve been putting it off since I have a fine to pay!

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