Goals for March

Though a few days late, I wanted to share my plans and goals for the month of March! The season of Lent/Spring can be pretty crazy at work with Easter and Holy Week approaching and therefore religious education and First Communion prep coming to a close. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and am so looking forward to summer and a bit more rest!

February goals (recap):

  • Start Rediscover Jesus for Lent (started but didn’t really do it–started reading A Life with Karol and love it!)
  • Do a weekly holy hour during Lent (Did this once)
  • Go to confession!


  • Start some type of family prayer for Lent (Maybe a decade/day?) (I pray with Jimp every night before bed but that’s about it. Want to get better about this still!)
  • Go to the zoo. We were gifted a membership last year. We need to take advantage of it a few more times before it expires!
  • Go to the library story hour (My mom took Jimpy and he seemed to enjoy it!)


  • Finish painting kitchen (cabinets, walls) Still have a few touch-ups to do, but I’ll take it!
  • Replace all kitchen hardware


  • Complete the Whole30! Recapped here
  • Continue with meal planning for the month and try three new recipes New meals included: butternut squash soup with coconut milk, blackened mahi, and grilled chicken wings (I didn’t really follow any recipes, but at least we were adventurous and tried something new!)
  • Finish reading The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet Also read: It Starts with Food.


  • Haircut
  • Massage (pure laziness on my part–this just isn’t that important to me I guess!

Now onto March:

March has been so busy so far with Spring Break and Holy week approaching! This past weekend ,we also celebrated the first of 3 weddings we’ll be attending within the next couple of months, which was lovely!


  • Go to confession
  • Celebrate Holy Week and Easter with family
  • Attend daily Mass at least once a week (This has worked well the past few weeks, actually).
  • Finish reading A Life with Karol


  • Celebrate my sister-in-law’s bachelorette in Fredericksburg next weekend! Can’t wait!
  • Start some sort of family prayer
  • Go on family walks at least 5 days a week (we do this often already but I want to make it a regular part of our routine!)


  • Plant more seeds for veggies and plant a few more herbs (so far we have a few seedling for squash, cucumbers and chard and I planted parsley and cilantro in pots).
  • More yard work/gardening (just want to maintain what we have and keep it from getting overgrown!


  • Continue eating healthily, limiting grains, sugar, and dairy.

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