Update: Kitchen Reno Progress

I hope you all had a peaceful and sweet Valentine’s weekend! We decided to celebrate at home on Saturday with a relaxing afternoon, kid-free! We spent Saturday morning pretty busy with some shopping at the Tomball Farmers Market and then completing our bi-weekly haul to Costco for some Whole30 friendly foods. We ended up cooking with some of our new ingredients for lunch (chicken apple sausage/veggie frittata) and dinner (pastured slow cooker pork roast from the farmers market). Afterwards, we just hung out and watched some Fixer Upper until it was time to pick up the baby boy.

I have been meaning to share some photos of our updated kitchens since I write this post. I am happy to finally show some before and after photos! We have our kitchen cabinets mostly painted. There are a shelves that need to be painted/touched up, but we are overall super happy with the work that’s been put into them and the progress we’ve made. I also have to add one more coat of paint to some of the walls and finish painting the pantry door, but I’m happy to have most of the work done before we start the major bathroom renovation this week. We also had to replace the faucet on the sink, an unexpected but necessary splurge.



Via Har.com


image3 (1)image4 (1)image1 (1)

I hope you had a blessed weekend with loved ones! 🙂


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