Goals for February

This is quite a bit late, but I wanted to share my goals for the month! January went by really quickly and with starting the Whole30 this month, I’ve been happy for a chance to reset. Lent influences several items on this list, so I look forward to beginning a few things to spiritually reset too.


Playing with the “Wawa”


  • Start Rediscover Jesus for Lent
  • Do a weekly holy hour during Lent
  • Go to confession!


  • Start some type of family prayer for Lent (Maybe a decade/day?)
  • Go to the zoo. We were gifted a membership last year. We need to take advantage of it a few more times before it expires!
  • Go to the library story hour (My mom took Jimpy and he seemed to enjoy it!)



Visiting the library with my mom


  • Finish painting kitchen (cabinets, walls)
  • Replace all kitchen hardware


Any plans for the month or big things coming up for you? I didn’t put this up there, but I also plan to use a massage gift card I’ve been saving for almost two years! I also NEED a haircut (#toomuchhair) so I’m looking forward to a little bit of pampering too!


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