Kitchen Reno Progress!

Wow! I am a bit embarrassed by my neglect of this blog. 2016 is going by way faster than I expected and January is supposed to be a slow month at work! Not the case for this year apparently. I hope to share goals and events to look forward to for the year soon!

I wanted to share some inspiration and progress photos for our kitchen. My husband had two weeks off for Christmas and New Year break so we were able to make quite a bit of progress on our kitchen, particularly with painting our cabinets and the walls. I can’t wait to share more in the next month–I’m hoping we will be finished by then!

While our kitchen is a nice size, one of the drawbacks when we moved in was that it was pretty dark with the brown cabinetry and an old fluorescent-style light. Patrick was able to change the main kitchen light fixture to a simple, industrial style. We also prepped, primed, and began painting the cabinets. We’re about 75% finished with the painting now and have even added new brushed nickel hardware. The kitchen already seems much brighter and larger, even.


Above are a few photos from my kitchen inspiration board. The first is from Studio McGee. If you’re into interior design and don’t follow them already–I definitely recommend checking out their Instagram! Love the vintage rug, dark counters, hardware and of course, white cabinets.

The middle photo is a very similar look to what I’d like to try out. I would love to paint the inside of our cabinets blue to match our walls. We will be leaving our upper cabinet doors off for easy open shelving too.

And lastly, a photo of Nina Dobrev’s beautiful blue kitchen! I’m in love with the hardware. We are going for a similar look with the drawer pulls, but in nickel.

I was getting ready to post a whole bunch of photos with what we are currently working with and this is all I’ve got on my phone (womp womp)! haha…I guess I’ll have to take more this weekend on a day when we have particularly good light. 😉


Cheers to the weekend! I’d love to hear, are you working on any fun projects?


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