All my current feels and reads…

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already upon us and then comes ADVENT. Where has November gone? In the wake of the Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks, I’ve felt a serious wake up call for myself to stop what I’m doing/worrying about and be grateful for my life and what I have been blessed with. You just never know the time or place, as Jesus reminds us in the Gospel. I have also felt a call to step up my personal prayer life, as I pray for the families and victims. Have you seen this beautiful video of a father and son in France reflecting on this week’s tragedy?

This SATURDAY is First Penance with our parish kiddos. My mind is running in a whole bunch of directions trying to make sure all our details are in place before the weekend. Does anyone else get really anxious before big events like me? I don’t know how party/event planners do it every WEEK. As crazy as the morning might be, I am so excited to see the littles receive the Sacrament for the first time. Here is a cute video I recommend for anyone who is prepping for the Sacrament or needs a refresher course on how to make it. It was a hit at our parish because the little girls wear the same jumper as the girls at the parish school! hehe.

I was so happy earlier today to see pastry chef Christina Tosi from Milk Bar featured on Into the Gloss. Her recipes always seem amazing!!

Kendra shares great tips and resources for making a meaningful Advent for you and your family on her blog. I’m hoping to make a Jesse Tree with these printable ornaments from Holy Heroes. Have you ever made a Jesse Tree? I love the look of this one:




I’m thinking I’ll make this “Thankful Tree” to use for Thanksgiving and then add the Jesse Tree Ornaments the next week.



Do you have any Advent or holiday traditions that you are planning on celebrating this year? I’d love the hear!


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