Prayer Space

Hello all! I shared my inspiration ideas in my last post for a home altar/oratory. I wanted to share pictures of our current family prayer space. My goal is to decorate and rotate sacramentals as the liturgical seasons change. IMG_3057[1]


In the top photo there is a crucifix to the left of the mantle which was a wedding gift and is from Stift Heiligenkreuz, a Cistercian Abbey near where I went to grad school in Austria. The right is a hand painted icon of the Holy Family that we bought on our honeymoon in Castel Gandalfo, Italy, a small town right outside of Rome.

There are two Bibles on the mantle as a visible reminder since our goal is to read a little from it several times a week as a family. One was a wedding gift and the other is one that I have marked in and have used as my personal Bible since college. The statue of St. Joseph will be Jimpy’s when he is older and is also from the shop in Castel Gandalfo. My mom gave us the vintage framed stitched Lord’s Prayer, which I love! And finally we have a few other essentials: fresh flowers, candles, and a crucifix, along with a cute “Pray” plaque.

Do you have a special prayer space or any special sacramentals in your home?


2 thoughts on “Prayer Space

  1. This is so beautiful, Mary! Love that y’all already have some special heirlooms set aside for Jimpy 🙂 Our most special religious article is actually stored away in our safe–remind me to tell you about it when I see you NEXT WEEK!! 🙂


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