Family Altar Inspiration

Since we were first married, Patrick and I have made the habit of praying together at least once a day, usually at night before bed. Now that we have a one year old, we are trying to make it a habit to pray together as a family, as well. While we pray together before meals (Jimpy can do “prayer hands” and I think he tries to say “Amen”), we aren’t great at remembering to do it each day, especially when nights are stressful/we’re exhausted. To help us remember, I want to revamp our family prayer space to make it a beautiful reminder to pray together each day. I figure if it’s something we enjoy being around, it will make it easier to remember and more of a habit. Right now, we just have a collection of icons and art up on our mantle. My goal is to rearrange the items on the mantle or make a more intentional space on a table in our living room or kitchen. The mantle may be more practical now because a certain little person in the family won’t be tempted to reach and grab for things!

PicMonkey Collage via/via/via/via

I love the look of a white, simple statue of Our Lady, lots of real candles, and fresh flowers/greenery. I also love the idea of a kneeler. My mom found a great one at an antique store, but if I’m not so lucky, I’m thinking we may be able to make one. I think I’d also like to incorporate a chalk board  like in the second photo for prayer intentions, feast days and days for when we do novenas too. I’ll hopefully do a follow up post with what I come up with soon!

I’d love to hear…do you have a special family prayer place? Any tips for praying with small kids? We grew up praying the rosary so I’m used to it, but it’s intimidating for me to start something so big with him. I did however find this book which seems like it would help make it fun for kids! Jimp loves books right now so I’ve added it to my wishlist. Have a wonderful Monday!


3 thoughts on “Family Altar Inspiration

  1. These spaces are beautiful and are inspiring me! We live in a tiny apartment right now and I’ve always sorta put the idea of a prayer space on a “someday” list for when there’s more space, but I really love the idea of a simple tabletop arrangement like you describe. I’m so glad you commented on my blog this week so I could find yours! It’s awesome to see your married and family life progress and your little man is just adorable!


    1. Thank you! Ours is very simple with just a few items that we happened to have. I’ve seen some great ideas on pinterest too. Congratulations again on your newest little one! 🙂


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