FIRST 7 Quick Takes: The Currently Edition

Inspired by my friend Nicole, I’m linking up with Kelly for my first ever Seven Quick Takes post and sharing our current doings!


First and foremost, we are currently loving this somewhat cooler weather!

(1) Currently watching: Thanks to our baby learning to fall asleep on his own in his crib (at the nice, sane time of 7:30 pm), we get to unwind with a little TV most nights (I prefer to have chocolate, ice cream, and wine involved too). For us, that’s lots of Top Chef reruns on Hulu. We can’t get enough of Eric Ripert, Emeril Legasse, Tom Colicchio, and saying lots of terms like “chinois” and “bechamel” in bad French accents. We like to pretend we’re cooking snobs like all the contestants when we watch too. Honorable mentions: Fresh Off the Boat and Mindy Project. And while I’m embarrassed to admit, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I’m glad Fall TV is back!

(2) Currently working on: We just bought paint for our kitchen and a new pendant light fixture. Can’t wait to get started on these things. In the meantime, we still have a little more wallpaper to go and some drywall to touch up. Our bathroom is still demo’d so hopefully we can get everything back up and running in there again too. The never-ending story of renovations continues in our house!

We have also refinished a couple pieces of furniture: a dresser and a coffee table! I’ll have to update about those soon too! Next on the list are an ottoman and side table.

(3) Currently eating: Lots of olive oil, oven baked fries. So easy and so good. We’re currently doing a WHOLE 7. Yes, that is our lazy version of the Whole 30. Only seven days long! We will see how we feel after this is finished on how to proceed. Basically it’s just strict-ish paleo for 7 days. I’m also participating in the Simple Green Smoothies 30 Day challenge (I don’t really do it as a meal replacement, but more as a healthy snack). I’ve linked to their Instagram as there are lots of tasty recipes and pretty photos shared daily.

Also, our Fall CSA from Wood Duck Farm has started up again and we are so happy for the bounty we receive each Tuesday! Each week we pick up an assortment of local, fresh produce. It has certainly helped us try new foods and get creative with what we have on hand. Photo from last week’s share:


(4) Currently reading: Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton, as inspired by this Fountains of Carrots podcast. I have to go pretty slow with it, as it’s a bit above the level of my last few reads. Also about to restart Men, Women and the Mystery of Love by Dr. Sri for a new book study.

I can’t stop wanting to make everything in the Against All Grain cookbook. My favorites have been making all the TREATS. Here is a pic of my favorite one yet!

I just finished Little House in The Big Woods on audio in the car to have something new to listen to with Jimpy. I really enjoyed it and now we are onto Little House on the Prairie. This was also inspired by a podcast! Check it out, if you haven’t already.

I also really liked this post on Verily about rediscovering libraries. I renewed my card this summer and I am so grateful. I will admit that I hadn’t read a book for fun since like, 2011 before this summer! I love being able to request books, audiobooks, and even movies online and having it ready when I arrive. I hope to take advantage of a toddler story time there soon.

(5) Currently wearing (living in): this pink sweater. Warm enough for an extra layer, but still breathable. I’m sure it’ll be in heavy rotation as it gets colder. Here is my fall/winter Pinterest board and here is a great post from my friend Lisa on her fall capsule wardrobe.



(6) Currently dreaming: of being in my favorite international city, ROME. Can’t wait to go back someday (maybe after student loans are paid off?). Last time we were there was for our honeymoon. I gotta dream of something, right?!



(7) Currently praying: so many special intentions near and dear to my heart. I have been in a little bit of a funk lately and lots of things have been weighing down on my heart. I need to remember how essential it is to set aside a special time for prayer every day and find a practical way make this happen for me. What works for you to make it a priority?


2 thoughts on “FIRST 7 Quick Takes: The Currently Edition

  1. Hello Mary! Saw your blog mentioned along with mine at This Ain’t the Lyceum… yay for us and writing our first Seven Quick Takes 🙂 I am totally with you on the olive oil oven baked fries. It’s been the only way we’ve gotten our daughter to eat a potato at home. 🙂


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