Five Faves: Yard and Garden Edition

I’m a bit late, but I thought I’d link up with Call Her Happy’s #5Faves for a yard and garden tour! Not long after we moved into the house, we noticed that the previous owners must have been AMAZING gardeners. Since spring started and into summer we have noticed amazing flowers, fruits and plants popping up around the property. I’m talking beauty such as: figs, pears, Meyer lemons, bluebonnets, azaleas, knock out roses, and hibiscus, among others. It’s been amazing to see so many varieties and colors throughout the past few months. They really must have known what they were doing because it’s been one after the other since February and March. It has really been wonderful (and a lot of worthwhile work) to see flowers and plants I’ve never seen in person before (some of my favorites have been angel’s trumpets and birds of paradise) and try to just maintain the beauty!

Here is what we have going on currently:

1. Herb Garden. We started planting right before Easter and started with thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil, Thai basil, mint, chives and parsley. You can see progress shots here and here. Thai basil is definitely the winner and is now pretty huge! The parsley didn’t really last because it was sort of dead when I planted it already. I was hoping I’d be able to revive it, but that didn’t happen. We also attempted with some veggie seeds, but they didn’t work out either.IMG_2446

2. Some kind of pretty blue flower. Being the inexperienced gardener I am, I don’t know what most plants are. But lots of pretty colors, for sure:IMG_2444

3. As I mentioned before, here are a few shots of our birds of paradise. They just poopped up in the last couple of weeks! I am so amazed by them! Funny story: I thought the birds of paradise has already bloomed a few months ago, but this whole time I had mistaken them for another flower. It wasn’t until my husband pointed them out a week or so ago that I realized what they were. A lot cooler than I thought, that’s for sure!IMG_2443 IMG_2453

4. A few early shots of some not-yet ripe Meyer lemons. These should start being ready to pick in November, I think?  When we moved here in February, they were perfect and abundant. I made lots of this cake with it.

5. Back “patio”: I added a couple of potted plants to our back patio and I hope to add more to liven it up a bit. There were already a few large plants with some kind of flower (still so many I need to figure out!) in pots when we moved in. I also added a small grapefruit “tree” and some zinnias.


Here is the view from our back patio into the rest of the backyard and the “English garden.”IMG_2448I never took much interest in plants or gardening until we moved here. Looking back, if I knew how much I’d enjoy it, I would have put some effort into a few potted plants for our apartment and its patio. We hope to add a raised vegetable bed at some point too (maybe something like this). I’d love to hear: do you do any gardening? What do you have growing? And do you have any tips for a new gardener like myself? By the way, I just found out you can use old pine needles as mulch. I’d love to hear your advice!


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