DIY Decor Inspiration

Our house was built in the 70’s and parts of it definitely still shows signs of the era…such as stubbon floral/fruit printed wall paper in several rooms, dark wood paneling, and bathroom sinks shaped like shells. I will admit that I have found myself discouraged at times at all the work that needs to be done and the lack of spare time (and money!) to be able to complete so many projects quickly.

I recently read a book called The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith, a popular design blogger, which inspired me to be grateful for the blessings of our home and put some projects into action. It was a quick read and contains beautiful pictures of the actual home of the author . The tagline of the book reads “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” aiming to encourage homeowners/renters to seek the beauty and silver lining in their homes, instead of dwelling on the negatives/annoyances. After some reflection, I have found myself doing this often over the course of the last few months. The writer chronicles her family’s journey through the many homes they lived in throughout their marriage (it’s something like 18 in 15 years. I’ll have to double check!) and how even though she was often renting their home, it was always a priority to make her house a beautiful and comfortable home.

She gives great advice on how to get started with items you already own, which is so helpful for me since we are on a budget (who isn’t?), and also gives her best tips for thrifting, painting, and repurposing regular everyday items into unique and fun decor.

After reading the book, I decided to get started on upcycling/repurposing some thrifted/hand me down furniture we already had. Almost all of our furniture is thrifted or passed down from family, which I am so grateful for, but I’d love to make it our own somehow. You can find my DIY inspiration here.

Here is a before pic of the project I am currently working on:IMG_2571

We received this coffee table from my sister in law. So far I have stripped, sanded and stained the top of the table.The next step will be to add the poly gloss on top to protect it.  it is post stain (sorry for the blurry iPhone pics):


I am debating if I want to paint the bottom part or not. I might just leave it as it is for a while how it works for our living room. Overall, it was a pretty quick project! Thank you to my in-laws for their help with the stripping.

Here is a little preview of my next project. I picked up this ottomon off the curb this past trash day and carried it around the corner and 4ish blocks when Jimp and I were out for a walk. A little tiring, but I figured free was worth it! I’ll do another post with my reupholstery inspiration soon.

IMG_2415I’d love to hear…have you done any DIY/repurposing furniture projects? Do you have any tips for thrifting and recovering furniture?


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