Bathroom Reno Inspiration

As I have mentioned, we have recently purchased our first home. We love our house and we will definitely be able to grow into it as a family and hopefully be here for quite some time. It’s in a great location for us as my parents’ home is very close-by and the neighborhood is very established. We have been enjoying working on our wonderful yard, taking advantage of the neighborhood pools, and simply taking walks in the mornings and evenings.


a piece of our bedroom

Our home was built in the 70’s and while it has undergone some recent upgrades (windows, front door, roof, carpet), we bought the house knowing we would be starting our own renovations in the coming months. The main areas that need work are the bathrooms and kitchen. While the house is in overall great shape, the one thing that the previous owner didn’t touch was the original floral wallpaper throughout the entire home.

We decided early on that our first project would be our master bathroom/closet. So far we have painted our closet a minty green, which will match the walls in the rest of the bathroom. I sadly don’t have any before pictures of anything, but I will soon post pictures of our bathroom post-demo. It has taken us longer than expected as my husband can only work it on occasional weekends. We have thankfully received quite a bit of help from family, particularly with taking down two layers of wallpaper (who puts wallpaper over wallpaper?) and tearing out a 300 lb+ cast-iron tub! And I really can’t take credit for any work at all as I’m normally on baby-duty!

Here are some photos I’ve pinned for inspiration:


via / via

Anna Forkum


We love the look of white subway tile in the bathroom, as well as the black/white tile floors in the bottom photo. I am also a big fan of the white beadboard look. While I like the antique tub look, but we are actually going with a shower only for the master bath, similar to the second photo, since our guest bath will have a tub.

I’d love to hear if you are working on any home/landscaping projects or if you have completed any recently!


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