First post!

Welcome! I’m Mary and I’m excited to start this new blogging journey! As suggested in my title, I have been blessed to be joined in the great Sacrament of matrimony to an awesome man. We are coming up on two years!


photo by George Street

We have a very active little boy, “Jimpy,” who is a year old. He loves the water, playing with cooking utensils, and eating chicken and potatoes.

image1 (1)

driveway swimming

I work part-time at our parish, where I help coordinate the children’s ministries. We are recent homeowners and inherited an awesome yard/garden so we are learning as we go in the areas of remodeling, decorating, and gardening. I received my graduate degree in Marriage and Family studies from the International Theological Institute in Austria. I enjoy reading books and blogs about relationships/marriage, natural living and parenting, design and food!


pears from our tree

I have been a frequent reader of blogs for a few years and even did my senior thesis in college on blogging when I was first getting introduced to the blogosphere in 2009. I have debated taking the plunge back into the blog world for a while (I started one in college), and finally started one to help put a face to the name, especially for the blogs that I regularly peruse/stalk/comment on and to participate in link-ups! Thanks for joining!


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